Airscan Certified B Corporation

We are very proud to announce that Airscan, together with her sister companies CO2logic and Greentripper, is one of the very first environmental consulting firms to be certified B-Corp in Belgium.

Air quality standards

Fresh air is a fundamental requirement of life. The indoor air conditions in workplaces, educational centres, hospitals, public buildings, cities and urbanisations where people spend a large part of their life is an essential determinant of healthy life and peopleÔÇÖs well-being.

Clean air for our kids

Today Airscan is proud to announce that she will join forces with Belfius to set up a project focusing on measuring and increasing air quality in schools. Belfius is already the first large bank in Belgium to operate CO2-Neutral, she is actively working on lowering the carbon footprint of the Belgian society.

Volatile organic compounds around us

There are always pollutants and chemicals present in the air that can cause damages of humanÔÇÖs body over time. Some of these pollutants are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Volatile organic compounds are considered as one of the most common indoor and outdoor air pollutants that present in the majority of premisses.

3 short tips for healthy homeworking

New circumstances have forced people to move towards teleworking and set up remote home offices. So, spending there several hours during a day may cause a decrease in indoor air quality, which is comparable to more spacious, yet crowded office areas. Airscan sees its purpose to share the knowledge how to make ones (home) working environment healthy, so has prepared a few essential tips about easy ways to reduce indoor air pollution.

Heat waves and ozone concentration

04/08/2020 The National Observatory in Uccle, Brussels detected a new historical heat record when the temperature reached 36.5┬░C on 31st of July 2020. This historical heat record is not only a reason to seek refreshment at our Belgian coast but also a perfect moment to think about air quality and climate change.

A premiere in Brussels: “The lungs in the city”

Parking ‘2 Portes’ in Brussels is the first representative of a new generation of car parks. It was recently equipped with a new system for neutralising fine particles that purifies the ambient air and makes it less harmful to health. Parking 2 Portes will thus become a real lung in the city.