Green building assessors

Airscan supports green building assessors to perform testing activities related to air, water, light and acoustics.  Airscan also supports her clients by providing actions and recommendations to improve the situation if required. 

WELL Certification Logo. The WELL Building Standard is an international standard for healthy buildings.

Well building standard

Airscan is a Well Performance Testing Organisation  including Well Performance Testing Agent certificates. We help building owners obtaining Well certificates or Well performance ratings by  executing the following testing activities:

  • Air testing  
  • Water Quality
  • Light  
  • Thermal Comfort  
  • Sound
Certification label BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)

BREEAM (air quality)

Airscan helps BREEAM assessors obtaining the Air Quality credits by performing the post -construction (but pre-occupancy) testing related to air quality (Hea 02):

  • Total Volatile organic Compounds (using ISO 16000-6) 
  • Formaldehyde (using ISO 16000-3)
Airscan Leed

LEED (air quality)

Airscan services include pre-occupation and post-construction testing of indoor air quality conditions in-line with LEED New Construction V4.1. This testing adds 2 extra points to the overall certification process and increases the final score mark of the project. The tests are done according to ISO 16000 and ISO 17000 standards.

DGNB Certification Logo. The "Global Benchmark for Sustainability" among certification systems for sustainable buildings and districts.

DGNB (air quality)

Airscan helps buildings targeting DGNB certification to prove compliance with indoor VOC levels in-line with ISO standards and meet the key criteria of the Sociocultural and functional quality section.

MyCrest logo

MyCrest (air quality)

In Malaysia, the guidelines set by MyCREST, or the Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool, are applied by Airscan’s MyCREST accredited assessor to verify that a building has low carbon emissions and environmental impacts. The building is evaluated in each stage of its lifecycle while considering its socio-economic concerns and urban development.

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