Air quality assessment

An air quality assessment is a short term measurement campaign (indoors or outdoors) to identify the main pollutants, pollution levels and sources. The main trigger to start an assessment is health and safety regulations, complaints or sustainability objectives.

Assess air quality with Airscan expertise.

By measuring air pollution levels, Airscan can assist organisations to take steps to get fresh air back into your building or city.

As a recognised KMO-portefeuille service provider, Airscan customers in Belgium can benefit from a 20% or 30% subsidy when ordering an air quality assessment service. More info on conditions and procedure can be found through this link.


Flexible campaign duration depending on measurement methods and the selected pollutants. Standard campaign duration is 1 or 2 weeks.


Multiple locations with representative potential are defined together with the customer.


Air quality assessment reports include a detailed analysis, a comparison with threshold values and conclusions and recommendations for improvement.


Only relevant pollutants and parameters are measured based on the use case and objectives of the customers.

Action plan

Specific recommendations for air quality improvement are made including quick-win or more far-reaching solutions.

HVACs tests

Performance testing of HVAC systems and purification solutions including air flow measurements and pollution reduction effectiveness.

Interested in getting in air quality assessements?

Airscan air quality diagnosis service