Technology for better air quality

Without all of the technology we use today, creating healthier environments would not be possible. With Airscan technology, we are able to analyse, improve and report.

Permanent monitoring solutions

Permanent indoor air quality monitoring helps optimise the cost of ventilation and building operation through energy savings and ensures a healthy and well-being environment for tenants and visitors of your building. 

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Airscan smart cities air climate plan service

Outdoor monitoring solutions

Nowadays, air quality in cities become more and more important. It is not a secret anymore that residents’ health can be easily affected by air pollution, leading to allergies, respiratory tract infections, and cardiovascular diseases. As long as air quality significantly varies from one street to another, cities require a network of IoT sensors to complement reference stations and to move forward smart cities concept. Outdoor stations can be configured to specific use case, including sensors selection, communication protocolpower supply and sampling frequency.

Airscan smart cities air climate plan service

Diagnosis devices for experts

Airscan diagnosis devices were developed for a professional inspection of indoor air quality conditions. The device is capable of measuring the most common indoor air pollutants, especially focusing on toxic pollutants like formaldehyde. In combination with IoT sensors, artificial intelligence allows data collection, generate technical reports, and develop visual infographics. Diagnosis devices are designed for indoor air quality inspections and can be used for ASHRAE, WELL, BREEAM and Leed certification processes

Airscan air quality diagnosis service
Airscan purification product

Smart Ventilation Control

Airscan Smart Ventilation Control is a predictive solution for indoor Air Quality, thermal comfort and energy savings in your building. Make your ventilation system more energy efficient while preserving the health and comfort of building occupants.

Airscan purification product

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