Dynamic air quality simulations

Validate you made the right choices to design a healthy building.

Airscan dynamic air quality simulations

Airscan dynamic air quality simulation software enables assessment of a buildings indoor air quality  in the design or renovation phase based on the building information model (BIM) taking into account  materials, ventilation system, occupancy and outdoor air quality. 

Thermal engineers and project manager can check that design or renovation choices (materials, ventilation) will secure your indoor air quality objectives: compliance with regulations, labels and green building certifications.

Air quality simulation at design phase

Airscan uses a validated calculation engine that will simulate concentrations  

  • for more than 650 volatile organic compounds 
  • particulate matter 
  • NO2 and Ozone 


We take into account  

  • emission sources 
  • air flow  
  • photochemistry phenomena 
  • surface/pollutant interactions 


We integrate data including  

  • Material emissions database 
  • Outdoor air quality database 
Airscan dynamic air quality simulations 2

Interested in dynamic air quality simulations?

Airscan dynamic air quality simulations 2