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Since 2020, Airscan and Belfius have been partnering to realise social and environmental projects aiming to improve air quality. Belfius sponsors Beats for Planet and Pure Cities


Together with inspection body Vinçotte, Airscan developed the “Airscanned building” label. This label guarantees good indoor air quality. The underlying protocol, thresholds and measurement are validated by Vinçotte.

Genano and VFA solutions

Virus Free Air (VFA) / VFA Solutions is an innovative authority in the field of air cleaning and air purification. VFA focuses on developing clean, healthy and green technologies in the field of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

CO2logic - South Pole

Since 2007, CO2logic has worked with businesses & governments across the globe to help them realise deep decarbonisation pathways. Their approach is designed to support their clients on every step of their transition, based on a thorough understanding of climate risks and opportunities in specific sectors, in line with the highest emission reduction standards and supporting high quality certified climate projects.