Green building certification

Green Building Performance Verification is on-site testing of sustainable buildings’ features including air quality measurements, water sources inspection, light, thermal comfort and acoustics in line with International green building institute requirements.

Green building performance verification

Airscan provides on-site testing services to meet your BREEAM, WELL, LEED and DGNB goals. Airscan is an accredited WELL Performance Testing Organization (PTO) through IWBI. Our Performance Testing Agents (PTAs), supported by a multidisciplinary team of WELL Aps and sustainability consultants, conduct on-site testing and analysis of environmental parameters to verify indoor air and water quality, lighting and thermal conditions, and acoustic performance.

Case studies

Besix LPA Police Office

BREEAM and WELL certification performance verification testing including on-site testing and laboratory analysis.

Mobius Tower

In this case Airscan estimated pre-occupation indoor air quality conditions before “WELL – certification” and “BREEAM – certification” process.

Denys: Prison of Haren

BREEAM post-construction air quality testing according to ISO 16000 method.

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