Smart Ventilation Control

Airscan Smart Ventilation Control is a predictive solution for indoor Air Quality, thermal comfort and energy savings in your building.  

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditionning  (HVAC)  typically accounts for 38% of the building’s energy consumption. Globally, buildings are responsible for 28% of all CO2-emissions. 

Make your ventilation system more energy efficient while preserving the health and comfort of building occupants.

Smart Ventilation

A unique solution combining energy efficiency and health

Airscan Smart Ventilation Control is a unique hard- and software  solution for smart management of your buildings.  

Achieve major energy savings and monitor your building’s comfort and health parameters, as well as its energy consumption. 


Preserve your occupants health and comfort.

Airscan Smart Ventilation control predicts and prevents indoor air pollution.

Achieve Well-being  objectives of national regulations and international labels (BREEAM, WELL, DGNB, LEED, MyCREST).

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Save energy.​

Prevent over-ventilation and -heating through predictive HVAC control.

Reduce the utilisation of your Air Handling Unit (AHU) by up to 80% and save up to 60% on energy.



Communicate about your efforts and raise awareness among your visitors and occupants.

Demonstrate your commitments for health, well-being and sustainability  through reporting, public screens and apps.

Improve your buildings energy efficiency

Through a 3D digital twin of your building, Airscan Smart Ventilation Control optimizes and control your HVAC system.  

It easily connects to your equipment or your BMS and can manage your entire HVAC system.

This intelligent and predictive control combines Building Information Modelling, IoT-data and machine learning to improve indoor air quality while reducing your energy consumption.

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Our Strength?

We are 24 hours ahead of our competition, and yours!

While traditional HVAC systems (manually controlled, scheduled or demand controlled) are reactive systems, Airscan Smart Ventilation Control introduces pro-active HVAC controlling: using predictions, physico-chemical and thermal calculations, you can see what will happen in your building over the next 24 hours. 

Above all it allows you to control your HVAC systems based on these predictions to maximise your building’s energy efficiency.