Accenture Gare Maritime Office


In 2019, consulting firm Accenture was the first tenant to receive the keys to its B1 module, erected and furnished under the Gare Maritime vault on the Tour & Taxis site, initially built in 1904. On four levels, 1,150 employees share 630 hyperconnected workstations.

In this mission, Airscan was invited to assess the indoor air quality (AQ) conditions in one of the Accenture offices. The results of the measurement campaign were used to evaluate the performance of the ventilation system and predict the potential indoor air quality conditions if the occupation of the building changes.

Accenture Airscan 1 scaled

Project Overview

Accenture Offices Airscan Air Quality Assesment
Picture: one of Accenture's Office spaces tested by Airscan

Nowadays, most of the recently built buildings are equipped with modern heating ventilation and cooling systems (HVACs). Differences can sometimes occur between the design and the reality in the building, so that the air quality, thermal and acoustic comfort are not optimal for the users.

Through this air quality assessment, the Health and Safety department of Accenture wanted to evaluate indoor air quality conditions and the performance of the HVAC system under different occupation levels, HVAC flow rates and outdoor air quality conditions. A second objective was to re-assure her employees.

In this project, Airscan used a combination of real-time indoor air quality monitoring devices equipped with TVOCs, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 & PM10), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors as well as active sampling followed up by laboratory analysis (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) including DNPh and Carbotrap media.  


The collected data was analyzed, visualized in comprehensive charts and compared with relevant threshold values. The conclusions includes –  following the main scope of the mission – air quality modelling under different occupation and ventilation levels. In addition, Airscan provided several “quick win” solutions that can improve the current indoor air quality conditions. Finally, the analysis also serves as an indoor air risk assessment, a legal requirement for every employer.

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Visual representing the green building certificate from Airscan.