Aveve Rollegem

Airscanned label overview


Aveve Rollegem wanted to pay special attention to excellent air quality for its visitors and staff when renovating its shop. To this end, a modern ventilation system was installed and supplemented with needle-point bi-polar ionisation system to keep viruses, dust particles and odours out of the air. It also wanted to communicate transparently about its efforts and operate as energy-efficiently as possible.

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  • Building: Aveve Rollegem
  • Premises: this certificate covers the entire 800m² of the shop
  • Parameters monitored: temperature, humidity, particulate matter (PM2.5) & CO2
  • Sampling frequency: 10 minutes
  • Ventilation: the building’s ventilation system is monitored by the Airscan system: an algorithm that takes into account sensor data, a prediction of indoor and outdoor air quality and patterns in the building.
  • Air purification: a system of bi-polar ionisation needles is mounted in the ventilation shafts against dust particles, viruses and odours.

Certification validity

  • Certification date: 08/02/2024
  • Certificate valid until: 08/02/2025


  • This certificate guarantees good air quality in compliance with local and international regulations during 85% of opening hours on an annual basis.
  • Air quality does not lead to acute and/or chronic illnesses, cause discomfort and/or affect the well-being of tenants, working staff and visitors, regardless of the time spent inside and the season of the year.
  • The certificate includes air quality diagnosis, continuous monitoring of pollutants, action and management plans in case of deteriorating air quality and transparent real-time communication on air quality.

Supporting information

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