Indoor Air Quality Assessment for Bosch Semiconductor’s Green Building Certification.

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Project Overview

Bosch Automotive Electronic Malaysia, a subsidiary of the German company Bosch, recently completed construction of a new factory. They requested Airscan’s assistance in achieving a Green Building certification according to the German Sustainable Building Council’s (DGNB) scheme for new buildings. Airscan conducted an assessment to evaluate indoor air quality within the office and cleanroom environments, focusing on Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and Formaldehyde levels on the premise.


Assessment concluded successfully within the agreed timeline. The monitoring and analysis of indoor air quality were critical for determining whether the Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing met the stringent criteria set by the DGNB for certification. Any deviations from acceptable levels would trigger recommendations and interventions to improve air quality and ensure compliance with DGNB standards.

By prioritizing employee health and safety, BOSCH Semiconductor Sdn Bhd. not only meets regulatory requirementsbut also sets a commendable example for the industry.

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Visual representing the green building certificate from Airscan.