King Baudouin Foundation


Permanent indoor air quality monitoring in the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels.

Project Overview

The King Baudouin Foundation was established in 1976 with a primary mission of improving living conditions for the population in Europe and Africa. In 2019 Airscan installed four permanent indoor air quality devices in the office building of the organisation. The most common indoor air pollutants, as well as comfort parameters, were permanently measured (new measurement every 10 minutes) under the scope of this project.


In this project, alarm notifications (via email) were used to inform visitors and employees of the King Baudouin Foundation in case if the concentration of one of the pollutant or parameter monitored exceeded a corresponding threshold limit. This approach helped to increase awareness of the personnel of the Foundation. Moreover, the Airscan team discovered an opportunity to optimise the heating ventilation and cooling systems of the building based on measurement devices’ records. As a result, the overall carbon footprint and energy demand of the Foundation were decreased. Finally, Airscan provided continuous help in indoor air quality improvement and maintenance.

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Visual representing the green building certificate from Airscan.