Ports and Airports applications

Monitor transport emissions and noise

Make transport more sustainable by accurately measuring its environmental impact.

Airports and ports are key infrastructures for the mobility of people and goods, and the global economy depends on their operation. However, their daily operations can be affected by their polluting emissions from transport.

At Airscan we believe that sustainability, growth and health can go hand in hand. To achieve this, monitoring air quality and environmental impact is an essential tool.

Benefits of air quality monitoring in transport:

  • Knowledge of the impact on air quality.
  • Health protection, risk prevention and reduction of health care costs.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Raise environmental awareness.
  • Compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Encouraging new sustainable practices
  • Promoting technological innovation.
  • Increase in tourist attractiveness

Applications in ports and airports:

  • Real-time, reliable and accurate air quality assessment.
  • Public health monitoring.
  • Controlling emissions and optimising operations.
  • Developing environmental policies and strategies to reduce pollution.
  • Reducing maintenance costs.
  • Limiting the impact of activities on air quality.
  • Identification of potentially problematic operations and particularly polluting vessels.
  • Detection of emission sources.

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