SQUARE Convention Centre Brussels


The Square convention centre has mandated Airscan to develop a network of sensors to monitor air quality in each room of the building and provide easily deployable solutions to improve air quality.

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Picture: The outside of the Square Convention Centre Brussels

Project Overview

As one of Belgium’s most important convention Centres (30.000m²), The Square (part of GL Events group )  hosts 10 thousands of visitors each year, including congresses of the European institutions and world leaders. In order to assure good air quality and comply with air quality regulation, Airscan has implemented an indoor air quality monitoring network in the facility. Each device communicates concentration of different pollutants (CO2 and PM2.5) as well as comfort parameters (temperature and humidity) in real time to the cloud system. The Airscan platform is an essential element of the Air Quality management plan of the building.

Together with partners VFA solutions and Genano, mobile purification units have also been deployed at the Square to supplement the ventilation system. Thanks to these measures the square gained the COVID-safe zone  label awarded by test and inspection body Vinçotte (part of Kiwa group).  In a second phase, using the Airscan Smart ventilation control system, the sensor data will be used to further  improve comfort for the visitors and reduce energy consumption of the building.

Picture: One of Airscan's numerous air quality monitoring devices.


The real-time air quality network and mobile air purification solutions support the building management to comply with indoor air quality regulation, improve health and comfort for visitor and personnel and eventually will optimize the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the building.

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Visual representing the green building certificate from Airscan.