St Joseph College Turnhout


To evaluate indoor air quality conditions in 3 different classes and estimate the efficiency of Genano air purifiers.

Project Overview

Genano and Airscan joined forces to improve air quality conditions in Saint Joseph College in Turnhout. To do so, Genano installed a purification unit and ventilation system in 2 different classes (1 unit per class) while Airscan developed a plan and strategy for indoor air quality measurement and evaluation of the devices’ performance.


The measurement campaign was carried out in 3 different classes (2 classes with the installed devices and 1 control room with natural ventilation only). The study results validated the performance efficiency declared by the manufacturer and showed that installed solutions could provide clean air in a single classroom. The ventilation machine maintained indoor CO2 levels below 800 ppm (recommended limit) and limited infiltration of outdoor pollutants like particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide gas. Moreover, the device had a positive impact on heat losses in comparison to open windows practices. On the other hand, the purification unit positively affected indoor aerosols concentration that is the key factor in COVID-19 transmission.

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Visual representing the green building certificate from Airscan.