Sustainability Managers

Airscan, together with her sister company CO2 Logic, a Southpole company supports the sustainability managers.

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What can Airscan help you with?

  • Conducting assessments to determine the sustainability performance of the organisation, from individual office spaces to entire supply chain management systems.
  • Discovering potential areas for improvement in your company’s sustainability practises.
  • Assist in conducting site inspections and creating sustainability reports with research-backed recommendations.
  • Guiding in ensuring legal compliance, staying current on pertinent legislation, and providing advice as required.
  • Assisting with continuous auditing to ensure that all measures are implemented
  • Helping to monitor and evaluate accomplishments, gather feedback, and update policies to make sure the organisation stays on track for its environmental and economic goals.
  • Providing cutting-edge technology to help minimise or cut carbon emissions.
  • Advising on appropriate offsetting solutions that are consistent with the values of your company. 

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