3 short tips for healthy homeworking

New circumstances have forced people to move towards teleworking and set up remote home offices. So, spending there several hours during a day may cause a decrease in indoor air quality, which is comparable to more spacious, yet crowded office areas. Airscan sees its purpose to share the knowledge how to make ones (home) working environment healthy, so has prepared a few essential tips about easy ways to reduce indoor air pollution.

1. Let the fresh air in

The power of natural ventilation is often underestimated. Simple indoor-outdoor air exchange can flush out excessive CO2 and make you feel more active. Make sure to take short breaks every 1-1,5 hours, to open windows and stretch.

2. Keep surfaces clean

Fine dust particles, allergens, pollen and dust mites accumulate on various surfaces of your working space. Use a vacuum cleaner and a wet rag to clean floor and furniture in your cabinet. Remember: regular cleaning makes your house a safer place.

3. Move towards nature

Putting several houseplants in your home office can make it a more pleasant environment to work in and prevent carbon dioxide accumulation. These simple recommendations can help you to improve the air quality within your working space and increase your working efficiency and well-being.

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