Airscan and Belfius join forces once again in a new project: Pure Cities

Following the successful launch of the “Clean air for our children” project (Beats for Planet), which aims to improve air quality in schools, Airscan and Belfius are extending their collaboration with a new project: Pure Cities. This time, the project aims to map and improve air quality in Belgian cities. 

Image 1: Display of air quality in the city


Climate change and air quality are two closely related issues. Air pollution is responsible for climate change but also has a major impact on our health. It causes 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year and the loss of 1.8 billion working days. Diseases related to air pollution also have a social cost estimated at 330 to 940 billion euros per year in the EU alone.

Cities often do not have reliable data on air quality in their areas; they do not have the budgets, skills and technology to obtain such data.

This is why Airscan has developed the “Pure Cities” project to map and help improve air quality in cities. This project is fully covered thanks to financial support of Belfius.

Some numbers

Air pollution is responsible for:

  • 7 million premature deaths per year worldwide
  • 1.8 billion lost working days per year worldwide
  • Social costs between 330 and 940 billion euros per year in the EU

Clean air for our cities

Step 1: Diagnose

The first step of this project involves diagnosing air quality by placing sensors in strategic locations in and around the city. These connected sensors combine artificial intelligence, cloud technology and mobile applications to provide a detailed picture of pollutants present in the area.

Step 2: Action

Once pollutants and potential sources are identified, an initial report will be prepared that will also include a specific action plan to improve air quality in the city in close cooperation with environmental and mobility services.

Step 3: Evaluation and final report

After 12 months of monitoring, close cooperation and adjustments when necessary, a final report will be issued with an evaluation of the actions carried out, conclusions and recommendations for the future.

Together For A Breathing City


The transition to more sustainable cities can only succeed if citizens participate. Therefore, the project also offers the opportunity to interact with citizens through a mobile application that allows them to provide feed-back on air quality (odors complaints) or to stimulate inhabitants to use of bikes when air quality conditions are optimal.

Through communications on public screens, the city’s websites and the mobile application, the project will educate and raise public awareness about the importance of good air quality.

Please note: This form is for the competent authorities of the city. Are you a citizen? Talk to your municipality and encourage them to participate!

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