To analyse indoor air quality conditions in technical facilities of “Leonidas” chocolate factory in Brussels.

Project Overview

Leonidas is a Belgian chocolate company that produces chocolate and other related products. In cooperation with Securex, Airscan analysed indoor air quality conditions in the technical facilities of the factory located in Brussels. Airscan developed an air quality measurement plan based on the results of the site visit and screening of the potential pollution sources by interviewing persons responsible for health and safety in the factory.


Nemo diagnosis devices with 7 different sensors were used in this project. The Airscan team completed a full analysis of indoor air quality, including pollution detection and quantification, HVACs efficiency assessment and air quality improvement recommendation. The results of the air quality assessment and action were presented to the health and safety team for implementation to increase the air quality in the technical working zones of the factory.

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Visual representing the green building certificate from Airscan.